Dear Readers – Why I Won’t Be Ranting About Politics

Dear Readers – Why I Won’t Be Ranting About Politics

Time to shift the tone.  From this point on, I intend to write in a lighter mode, playful at times, reflective perhaps, but avoiding rabid partisanship.

We have a ton of responsible journalists covering every topic I might take on, with much more perspective than I  have, caught as I am in my own world view and political biases.  They write well and are accountable for what they write.

It all comes down to this:  I’m just one more amateur assuming the mantle of punditry.  That’s right, “punditry” – go ahead, look it up.

I subscribe to The Nation, The Washington Post, and Time Magazine and watch MSNBC far more frequently than is good for me.  My capacity for outrage remains unlimited, but there’s no need for me to be the caretaker of public opinion.  Joe Klein’s columns pretty much cover everything that I’ve been thinking with much more balanced insight.

And, it’s probably not great for me to wax apoplectic day after day.  I was no cover boy before I started this blog, but bulging eyes and pulsing veins indicate a serious over-involvement in current affairs.  I’m down to two cups of half-caff a day, I eat a Paleo diet, and volunteer for Ashland Hospice.

Sounds healthy, yes?

Watch this space for flights of whimsy and low-key ruminations, which, by the way, is a word that actually derives from the advantage that ruminants have in fermenting plant-based foods in a specialized stomach, essentially advertising that I’ll be chewing over some things in the weeks ahead.

Enough.  Check in next time.

Vote for Hillary.






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