March 20, 2020: Twenty Things I Did Not Worry About Today

March 20, 2020:              Twenty Things I Did Not Worry About Today

  1.  Washing my car
  2.  Losing weight
  3. Remembering the name of that guy at the gym
  4. Renting the equipment to sand the deck down to bare wood
  5. Avoiding kids and moms selling Girl Scout Cookies
  6. Making sure there’s no dog hair on my sweater
  7. Avoiding Cadbury mini chocolate Easter eggs
  8. Being stuck behind the person who smells like sausage and sage in line at Safeway
  9. Music Award Shows
  10. Getting my bracket ready for March Madness
  11. Getting tickets on line for reclining seats at the movie theater – not too close to the screen
  12. Losing my car keys
  13. Losing my wallet
  14. Finding stations to listen to diurng the NPR Fund Drive
  15. Returning the call from the dentist’s office
  16. Making reservations for a cruise
  17. Wondering when Steph and Klay might both be healthy
  18. The state primaries
  19. Returning overdue library books
  20. The Royals, aliens, celebrity breakups – gossip papers and magazines at the checkout counter

One thought on “March 20, 2020: Twenty Things I Did Not Worry About Today

  1. Thanks Peter for the reminder. All my love to you and yours. We just had grandson #3 with Patrick and Emma. Than is excelling at UofMD as a double Honors English and History major with a year of under grad to go. MD sent him to Oxford over winter vacation to attend a seminar on Tolkien. Our Afghani boys have finally got the whole family all here from Kabul days before the border closing. It was and is an epic story and a hopeful one.Noor (oldest son) did an exchange program as a junior in high school with my sister. He was tried in sheria court and sentenced by the Taliban for translating for the American exchange program two years later. He came back to the U.S, stayed at my House and Sis and I put him theough Community vollege and he got a scholarship at U of MD as an Engineer. 3 years later younger brother Sulieman came over and followed the same path. Noor got married and brought over his Mom when his by was born. That was about 3 years ago. Since then they have been working on getting Faisal (middle brother) and Dad over. This whole effort took more than ten years , but finnally they all all here as political refugees with a path to citizenship if they should so choose. Noor and Sulaiman are both going to be engineers who also speak 5 languages each. It is nice to see America actually work for someone in these trying Times, Annis is well but part of the gis economy now so we will be dependent on retiremen income streams and whatever new job she can find for money. WE have alway tried to prioritize tuitions and the kids so they can go into the world without a crushing debt. It is so much harder for thier generation than it was for us. The whole damn middle class seems to be the loss of two big paychecks from the street. And that was before Covid 19. Please take care of you and yours you and they are too important to the rest of us. Be well.


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