No, not just the President, although this morning the daily propaganda mill brought these assertions from the Gaslighter General:

  •  A planeload of “thugs” in dark uniforms were headed to the RNC to do “Big Damage”.  
  • A peace officer shooting an unarmed man in the back is roughly the same as missing a three foot put.  He used the word “choking”, which given the practice of neck kneeling seems insensitive, shall we say?
  • The 17-year-old shooter in Kenosha was defending himself against the dark forces fomenting a riot
  • Firing paint balls into the face of protesters is relatively benign
  • People in “dark shadows” are controlling Joe Biden
  • Corey Booker is in charge of the Democrats plan to destroy the suburbs
  • The pandemic death toll remains overstated
  •  The Big One!  Protests against police brutality were actually a “secret coup” trying to take down the President

I don’t know what term best describes inciting violence against the citizens of the United States.  I’ll go with treason today and leave it at that.

No, today’s screed is directed toward any Republicans who have vestigial backbones.  Mitt Romney can’t be the only Republican who knows that self-serving lies have already cost lives.  

The most recent estimate is that roughly 145,000 lives would have been saved had we followed the course of action taken by most European nations.  Not Sweden, by the way, which adopted the “herd” response and which reaped 40% more deaths per capita than the misguided and globally mocked United States.  Oh, and had no expected economic bounce back. This experiment ought to have ended discussion of the strategy, but … you know.

Willful obstruction of information (lying) during a pandemic is pretty bad.  Frenzied fear-mongering which includes fomenting violence against political adversaries is essentially the same crime against the same citizens, only up-close and in the hands of the deluded.  Both perpetrators and victims are simply props in managing a political campaign; like the hundred thousands unnecessary deaths from Covid-19, they are just political  collateral damage. 

To each Republican Senator and Congressperson:  Silence in this moment is a betrayal of the people you were elected to serve. Silence in this moment is shameless. 

Some of you are among the deluded, drinking presidential Kool Aid; most of you know in your heart that reckless fear-baiting can only bring tragedy.

This is not about an election; this is about the courage to prevent chaos.

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